It has been a little over a month since I’ve permanently moved back to Europe after completing uni in Seattle. While I loved Seattle, I didn’t really have any family there and I figured it would be the perfect time to move back home to Poland. One of the benefits of being a citizen of the European Union is that I can freely work and live anywhere I want to in the EU and a few other countries in Europe. Where will my future home be?

My favourite part about being at home in Europe is that I can literally fly to another country for lunch. Coffee in Vienna? No problem. Schnitzel in Munich? Solved. Tea in London? Why not. The beauty is that most European flights are 1-2 hours in duration and for the most part, they’re cheap. Especially from Poland. I could technically work in one country and live in another, but the travel costs would add up. My favourite European cities include Barcelona, Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, Geneva, London, Stockholm, Munich, Budapest, Prague, etc, etc, etc. All European cities are gorgeous… but I think I’ve finally found my future home…

My Future Home: London?!

My Future Home: London?!

Ok, it sounds a bit crazy first and probably is due to Brexit. Yes, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union – but they still will be in the EU for at least one-two more years and while they still are in the EU, I still can live there and work there. I’ve been reading extensively about this issue and it seems like the UK simply won’t throw out EU citizens living in the UK – as the UK wouldn’t want other EU countries to do the same to UK citizens living abroad. All of that said, I absolutely adore London.

London is probably in my top three when it comes to my favourite European cities – Vienna and Zurich would have to be the other two. So why did I select London? Because I think it has the most “life” out of the other two. London has literally everything you could ever want – people and food from all over the world, millions of different types of IT jobs (what I got my degree in), etc. London would be the ideal place for me to live… and plus, it’s stunningly gorgeous.

I spent this past week in London and it is a city that leaves me in awe every single time. There are cities that I visit that are truly stunning, but I wouldn’t see myself living there – in London, I do. In fact, since I had a few extra days in London, I already looked at potential places to live and have found a few good ones. Living there would literally be my dream and isn’t life worth nothing if you don’t live your dreams? My future home might just be in one of the world’s most beautiful cities…