Lufthansa First Class is the way to fly. With many carriers removing First Class or significantly cost-cutting First Class (Cathay, Etihad, Emirates, etc.), Lufthansa has maintained the same high standard in First Class for years.. no cost-cutting, same incredible level of service, delicious food, and an amazing overall product.

Since I love LH First Class more than any other product, I was checking destinations that Lufthansa currently offers First Class too. Some of them are obvious like San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc… but there are a few destinations where I’m like “you’ve got to be kidding me”. First of all, the German airline can’t decide if they want First Class to Dubai or not (from Frankfurt) – every few months they change their mind and change the aircraft either offering or not offering First Class. They first operated an Airbus A330-300 to Dubai with First Class, then a Boeing 747-400 without it, and now an Airbus A330-300 again with First Class.. until the end of October, at which point they won’t offer a First Class to Dubai… Oh, Lufthansa…

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa currently offers First Class to several places where it shouldn’t (in my opinion) and then doesn’t offer it to places it should. LH operates aircraft with First Class to destinations such as Addis Ababa, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Lagos, etc. where First Class is mostly empty. Like wide open – and it isn’t uncommon to find 4 or more award seats each flight since First Class is rarely purchased on these routes. However, the strangest place Lufthansa operates First Class to is Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Really? Dammam? I just ran a search on 10+ dates and all of them have the First Class inventory of “F8” meaning that all eight seats are left for sale. Not surprisingly, a few dates had as many as 5 award seats! For LH First Class, that’s insane. No one is flying First Class to Dammam and yet Lufthansa still offers it there.. along with a few other destinations to which it shouldn’t. I mean how the hell do they offer it there, but they don’t to Seattle, Vancouver, Denver, Toronto, or Montreal?

Oh, Lufthansa…

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