Thanks to miles and points, most of the time I don’t have to fly Economy Class. The only exceptions are flights under 3 hours – if Economy is substantially cheaper or there is a great deal, I do not mind Economy Class and will be perfectly happy if the flight is under 3 hours. The last time that I flew Economy Class on a long-haul flight was over 5 years ago… however I didn’t have any choice a few months ago and I had to fly Economy Class on a 10-hour, long-haul flight.

As many of you remember, I spent a lovely week in Fiji back in May of this year, but before that I flew to Hong Kong and Singapore in Cathay Pacific First Class. So I had a flight booked to Singapore and then back from Nadi, Fiji to Los Angeles in Business Class. What I didn’t have is a flight from Singapore to Nadi and figured I would wait until the last minute for something to open up. My plan was to redeem American Airlines AAdvantage miles for travel in Business Class on Fiji Airways… but Fiji Airways is super stingy in releasing Business Class award seats so that didn’t happen.

My next plan was to fly via Australia.. but it didn’t really make sense to fly from Singapore to Sydney in Business Class since the flight is more like a medium-haul and I would be wasting miles… so I did the next best thing and booked the 10-hour, direct flight from Singapore to Nadi on Fiji Airways for under $350 USD… which was an incredible deal.

My only worry was how the hell am I going to survive a 10-hour Economy Class flight as I haven’t travelled Economy on a long-haul in over 5 years? Well, the deal was too good to pass up so I went for it and much to my surprise, the flight wasn’t full and I was able to have an empty aisle seat on the Airbus A330 while I sat in the window seat. The flight went by quickly and there truly is a difference if the seat next to you is free – you have double the room and you can sort of sleep comfortably for at least three hours.

Economy is Economy and will never be comfortable on a 10-hour flight, but for $350, it was well worth it and the fact that I had an empty seat next to me was an added plus.

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