I’m not really the “grand party” type of guy – yeah I enjoy parties and meeting up with friends and whatnot, but I like it to be in a smaller environment instead of it being in a loud club or somewhere where it is impossible to talk. I’ve never really celebrated New Year’s Eve in terms of a big, proper party or whatever.

This year a few blogger friends and I decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve together in style. Which, well, means somewhere in Europe. We initially were thinking about the South of France and similar areas, but we eventually decided on two locations – the Swiss Alps and the South of Italy. Our plan is to fly into Switzerland and take a train into the mountains and rent a house or stay at a nice hotel. However, given that hotels go for a lot of $$ this time of the year, we will probably stick with an Airbnb – they’re not that expensive and we can get one with a gorgeous view.

We will be in Switzerland to celebrate the New Year and then a few days later we will fly down to Southern Italy for some hopefully warmer weather than the one provided by the Swiss Alps. We found a few interesting luxury hotels in Italy, but were are still searching for the perfect one. There’s a lot of SPG hotels in Italy, but none that we particularly like and the rates are crazy expensive – even with points.

I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to a NYE celebration (given that the clock resets on airline and hotel status), but I think this year will be awesome since I will be with some of my best friends. Also, we are flying easyJet… that’s going to be interesting.

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