I just came back from seeing some of my travel friends and we got into an interesting discussion tonight about all of the places we have been to and where we are going next. It was all fun and games until my friends asked me what my favourite memory of Paris was… and then it occurred to me that I’ve actually never gone to Paris… oops!

I’ve been literally everywhere around Europe… like to most European countries and I’ve even been to France before.. just not Paris. Needless to say, my friends decided to make fun of me when I told them I’ve yet to explore the wonderful French city. They were more shocked by the fact that I’ve never been rather than the fact that I flew Economy Class on a long-haul flight two months ago. So why have I never been to the French city? Well, there was really never an occasion. Paris is a SkyTeam hub and while that’s no excuse, I generally think that SkyTeam is the biggest piece of $#!t ever with zero aspirational carriers and awful mileage programmes… so I’ve never flown through CDG until a month ago when I came back from Hong Kong and my god, CDG is hell on Earth.

All of that being said, I don’t have a proper excuse for never visiting Paris and now that I’m living in Europe, most cities are only a 1-2 hour flight away.. so why not and go finally explore the French city next week? So after a long and thoughtful discussion with friends tonight.. I’m finally headed to Paris next week and I hope it will be spectacular.

But yeah, I myself can’t even believe I haven’t been there yet. It was never really at the top of my list since other parts of the world fascinate me more than France, but now it is official and I will be there next week.

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