Hello from Kraków, Poland! A few days ago, I officially moved back to my home country from Seattle, flying in style of course. I’m happy to be back home with all of my family and it is exciting to be back in my beloved Europe where I really do feel like I am at home. However, I’m having mixed feelings about moving from Seattle…

I’ve lived in Seattle for half of the year each year – while attending uni for the past few years (the other half of the year I was in Poland). I never really cared much when leaving Seattle before (probably because I knew I would come back), but this time it was different. It feels strange to have left Seattle “for good”. Obviously I will visit in the future, but just knowing I’ve left behind all of my friends and the memories I made there feels strange – that’s because I love Seattle and it is one of the best places to live in America.

I have mixed feelings because I love being back at home with family and finally feeling at “home”, but I’m also thinking about all of the memories I will be missing while not living in Seattle. Obviously before I left I made sure to say goodbye to everyone I knew and met up with them countless times during the past month, but all of it just feels strange to know that I’m not living there anymore.



Seattle is truly an amazing and captivating city, and probably my second favourite city in America, and it was truly a pleasure to live there for so long as I’ve met incredible people with whom I’ve created some fantastic memories that I will always remember.

For now, I am happy to be back home but I also miss Seattle and I’m sure I will have this feeling for quite some time.. but I guess that will be a key reason to visit the city again!