I think everyone knows how much I love Lufthansa First Class and Lufthansa in general. I’ve flown Lufthansa more times than I can count and they are truly an amazing European airline with exceptional service in all cabins. While I’ve flown Lufthansa First Class millions of times, I’ve only flown the Lufthansa Business Class long-haul product a few times and I figured it was time to try it again since Lufthansa changed up the service a few years ago.

I’ve officially moved back to Europe as of yesterday. More specifically, I’m in Poland right now with all of my family and couldn’t be happier. I packed up all of my things I had in Seattle into 3 big checked bags and my usual Rimowa carry-on. I decided the best way to fly back home to Kraków from Seattle would be through Frankfurt with just one stop so that it would be easier on all of my luggage and the contents. Lufthansa does fly to Seattle, however since 2015 they fly without a First Class product. More specifically, they fly their ancient Boeing 747-400s to Seattle that feature Business Class on the upper deck instead of the previous First Class product that was there.

Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa Business Class

So how was the Lufthansa Business Class experience? I was truly impressed! Lufthansa has really improved their long-haul Business Class product… in terms of the service at least. The way it works is that different flight attendants are responsible for different sections of the Business Class cabin, and the same flight attendant serves you both dinner and breakfast so it feels more “personal”. The meals are also served restaurant-style in that everything is placed on a white cloth instead of being served on a tray.

The service was amazing and the meals were delicious.. just a slight step down from First Class. What about the seat? Well, Lufthansa’s Business Class seat is unique in that in some places Business Class has a 2-3-2 configuration… which should never happen in Business Class. I would hate to sit in the centre section in the middle seat between two strangers… so that isn’t well thought out. However, the sets of seats with only two seats each are perfectly acceptable and I wouldn’t mind sitting next to someone I don’t know.

I know lots of people complain about Lufthansa’s Business Class and the seat, specifically, but I found it perfectly fine for a nine-hour flight between Seattle and Frankfurt.