It has been less than a week since I’ve been on a plane and I’m already having “symptoms” of not travelling. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Browsing reviews of First Class products
  • Applying for new credit cards which earn miles or points
  • Checking last-minute award availability
  • Checking Google Flights for last-minute deals
  • Checking SPG for last-minute hotel deals
  • Looking at your carry-on and wondering why it isn’t packed
  • Browsing through old boarding passes
  • Wondering why you aren’t on a plane right now

I spent today packing my checked bags (as one does) since I’m moving back to Europe at the end of this month – but I want to go somewhere else before that move. As in I haven’t been on the ground for more than a week and I already want to be a plane. This is really becoming an addiction.

I can go a few days without flying or looking at an airplane, but a week is torture. Even though the last part of my last trip was an absolute pain and a terrible travel experience, I already want to be back in the sky.. problem is that I don’t know where I want to go. Like I don’t want to go somewhere for a long time since I want to enjoy Seattle for a while before I leave for “good”, but at the same time I can’t stay here for another month and not go anywhere when I can. This is killing me…

So how long can you go without flying? My limit seems to be one week – maybe two maximum. But I have a feeling I will be flying this upcoming week even though I don’t know where, when, why, or what for. But not having any flight planned is really killing me. Where should I go?