Despite not having flown Air Canada at all so far, I’ve redeemed over three million miles using their frequent flyer programme, Aeroplan. In general, I do like Aeroplan a lot – for the most part they have decent redemption rates, very competent agents, instant transfers from AMEX Membership Rewards, and Aeroplan doesn’t impose fuel surcharges on a number of airlines. However, recently, Aeroplan has been having issues with several Star Alliance carriers and as of now, the latest one has to deal with Lufthansa First Class – Is Aeroplan blocking Lufthansa First Class?

Aeroplan was having a number of issues with several Star Alliance carriers whereby you couldn’t redeem your Aeroplan miles for travel on Air China, Copa Airlines, and SWISS. Avianca flights still aren’t available using Aeroplan miles and EVA Air flights often don’t get ticketed properly or they later fall out of the booking. It is nice that Aeroplan fixed a few airlines, but the fact that Avianca isn’t available is a huge deal for South American flights.

Well, I have some bad news… it seems like Aeroplan is blocking some Lufthansa First Class seats. I’ve tried to redeem Aeroplan miles using their website for several Lufthansa First Class tickets and I get the same error message at the end of the process (after entering in your credit card number and pressing the “book” button).

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

I’ve tried San Francisco to Frankfurt, Chicago to Frankfurt, Chicago to Munich, New York to Frankfurt, New York to Munich, etc. They all fail at the last step. The flights are available and bookable because I booked them as a “test” with United miles and the flights ticketed fine. I mean even displays the flights as being available, but when you proceed to the very last step, the website errors out.

Flight Redemption Failure - Is Aeroplan Blocking Lufthansa First Class?

Flight Redemption Failure – Is Aeroplan Blocking Lufthansa First Class?

I’ve yet to call Aeroplan as their call centre hold times are downright awful and if you need to fly instantly, you don’t have time to waste. I will try to give Aeroplan a call this week and see what is going on.. but for now, this truly does remain strange.