Oh the life of a frequent flyer and miles-loving person. Who is going to Europe tomorrow? I don’t know, maybe me…

So it is almost midnight in Seattle and I have no idea if in 12 or so hours I will be on a plane to Europe. My parents and friends think I am crazy, but that is my life. Basically, a flight I have been eyeing has two seats left for sale in First Class and those two seats usually convert into award seats a few hours before departure. It hasn’t happened yet.. The keyword here is “yet”.. because it should.. soon.. hopefully.

I just finished packing my carry-on. I have been tracking this flight for the past two weeks and every time there are at least two seats left for sale in First Class, they become available for award travel a few hours before departure.. but it hasn’t happened… yet… and I’m not worried.

People think I am crazy:

“So will you be here tomorrow and see me?”

“Yeah.. probably, or maybe not.”

“Wait.. but aren’t you going to the airport in a few hours?”

“Well.. maybe, but I don’t know yet..”


And to think they’re still my friends… So basically I have packed, but I don’t have a ticket (and this has happened to me many times before). I love to have a flexible life and it makes things so much easier booking last minute since I can get to anywhere I want and it works out most of the time. So will I be in Europe tomorrow? Well, the next 10 or so hours shall determine that. If award space opens up, I will book it, if not, there is another option that is available.. which hopefully doesn’t disappear overnight!

So tell me, am I crazy or..? 🙂