Booking last minute provides greater availability and more options since airlines and hotels will usually open up all unsold seats/rooms as awards, which means they are bookable using points.

Back in the days, I would plan all of my trips months in advance. Literally, like 8 months out. Thankfully those days are over, because when I did that, I would be locked into a certain trip and would usually be subject to cancellation fees or change fees if I needed to change something. When booking last minute all of this changes because you have greater flexibility since you can book the day before (or the day of), and then you know what flight you will be on or which hotel you will be staying at.

Nowadays, I leave home not knowing where I am going or when I will be back. And it is a wonderful feeling to have this freedom to literally fly to Rome and then decide that two days later you want to be in Bali. With miles and points, last minute travel is entirely possible and you have a wide variety of options (usually). Of course there are times when this doesn’t work out, but you have to get creative and usually there is an option.. it might be a crazy one, but there is always an option.

Last minute is the best time to plan because you can always change your mind leading up to the date and you aren’t subject to too much hassle if you haven’t booked anything. Ever since I started to book last minute, my travels have become better. I’ve been able to fly amazing airlines and stay at wonderful hotels since those usually open up last minute before departure. For example, Lufthansa First Class is only available at most 14 days before departure to non-Miles & More members.

Booking last minute is sometimes risky, but if you have a wide range of miles with different programmes, then you will almost always succeed in finding something that works and is of value. Booking last minute is also very freeing in that you can select where you want to be tomorrow instead of having a plan and sticking to it.

Do you book last minute?