I travel a bit differently than most in that I don’t go to the major tourist attractions in each city, but rather walk around, get lost, and just enjoy where I end up – exploring different paths of a new place. Most often than not, I don’t spend more than three days in one place (unless it is maybe a “real” holiday where I’m on the beach).

Most people when they travel will have a full itinerary of things they need to see and do each day and will usually spend a week in a new place, trying to visit every possible landmark… and then they end up being tired and not feeling like they were on holiday because they couldn’t relax. Instead what I do is walk around a few hours in a new place, exploring what is possible, then I try to relax as much as I can – take in the sights of one specific location instead of endlessly moving around a city and trying to visit every single landmark. I also don’t visit museums.

I also don’t have a plan when I’m visiting a new place – yes, I will look up online what is worth visiting, but I don’t ever plan out specifically every hour of every day and then have a checklist of what I need to visit. There is of course nothing wrong with that, but I’d rather actually relax when I’m somewhere new and take in what the city and people have to offer and not what a book tells me I need to see.

My average time spent somewhere is three days. There are exceptions to this, like a beach holiday, or if visiting family. But my general travel is set to only spend three days in one place – not because I get tired of the place, but rather because there is still so much of the world to see and I feel like if I spend more than three days in one place, I’m missing out on something else elsewhere.

Yes, my travel is different than most people’s and some would go as far as saying I don’t know how to travel if I don’t visit everything the place has to offer.. but that is actually a positive aspect and something for the future. If I like a place a lot, I will come back and explore it more.. so by not visiting everything in one trip, I’m “saving” some items for a future trip.

How long do you spend in one place?