Hello from Santiago, Chile! I arrived yesterday evening from Buenos Aires and am staying here for the next few days before I continue my South American journey. I just wanted to share a small detail from my journey yesterday involving my passport.

I flew Aerolíneas Argentinas from Buenos Aires to Santiago yesterday on a Boeing 737-800.. I mean there isn’t really a better way to use Delta SkyMiles at this point… the flight was fine and the entire experience was totally normal, so I don’t see why people complain so much about Aerolíneas Argentinas. My only complaint is that only their wide-body aircraft feature a fax machine.. in other words, I was not able to send in a fax from my regional flight from Argentina to Chile.. now that’s a disappointment.

However, something interesting did happen during my journey. At one point a lady from Aerolíneas Argentinas was verifying my passport and boarding pass and I noticed her flipping through my passport a lot.. like a lot.. for 5 minutes. So I asked her if I could help her in any way find what she was looking for.

“Why Does Your Passport Have So Many Stamps?”

Oh, I see.

She was awesome. She was genuinely interested in why I travel so much since I’m so young. Like she wasn’t asking me security questions or anything, but was rather really interested in how I can travel a lot. I explained to her I’m a travel “agent” and she was just amazed at how a young person could see so much of the world. I’ve had my passport for quite some time now and there are a lot of stamps, like a lot. She then proceeded to ask more questions about what my favourite country is, what I’m doing in Argentina, where I’m going next, etc.

I’ve never had someone be so genuinely interested in my travels at an airport before.. in a good way. Usually if I’m asked about it, it is because they are concerned or something.. but not this lady! She was wow-ed at my travelling and blogging and once I told her I had a blog, she of course wanted to read it… so hello, if you are reading!

Also, Santiago is so beautiful. Yes, it is peak winter and very cold – but the scenery is downright gorgeous.