I’m flying Lufthansa First Class soon and much to my surprise, the cabin is wide open. Like wide open, it is just me as of now.

I also checked the flight inventory in the booking system and it shows there are still 7 seats left for sale in First Class. Lufthansa’s First Class cabin has 8 seats total – meaning it is just me at this point. Usually if First Class is empty and Business Class is full, Lufthansa will upgrade Miles & More Senator and HON Circle Members to First Class… though not always.

In the case of my flight, Business Class is about 70% full, while Economy has three seats left for sale – on a giant Boeing 747-8. This means that some elites could be upgraded to Business Class, while top-tier elites might be upgraded to First.

Obviously I am hoping they aren’t because then I would have an empty Lufthansa First Class cabin all to myself. Since there’s no one booked in First Class, I have a choice of where to sit. And I can’t decide!

Lufthansa First Class B748

Lufthansa First Class B748

The Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 First Class is in the nose of the aircraft, meaning First Class is in a 1-1 configuration in the first two rows and then a 1-2-1 configuration in the third row, for a total of 8 seats.

I really like seats in row 2 since they offer the most amount of privacy since you can’t see the other person in row 2. Row 1 is unique since you are sitting in the nose of the aircraft, with a unique view looking forward. Row three consists of 4 seats, meaning the least amount of privacy. The reason why I like row three the most is because you can see all of the “activity” in the cabin. I don’t like row one too much because it feels tight since you are right in the first row with no place to “look” at.

So… I can’t decide! Where should I sit?