Have I mentioned I love Lufthansa yet?!

I was flying from Frankfurt to Kraków recently in Lufthansa Business Class on an Airbus A319 and checked some bags for the short-haul flight of one hour. I checked in semi-used bags that I’ve had for a few years now, though they weren’t damaged in any way.

When I arrived in Kraków, I noticed one of the bags had a huge hole in the side and the other bag’s zipper was ripped out. Even though there was a huge hole and a no zipper across two bags, no contents fell out.. thankfully.

Naturally, I filed a claim with Lufthansa at Kraków Airport, who told me to contact a third-party company in Poland that handles these issues and they would be taking care of me. Obviously I wasn’t too happy since I knew the process could and would take weeks.. if not months. I contacted the company right away and they requested pictures of the damaged luggage and my claim, which I sent via email.

I didn’t hear back for two days and instead I received an email from a Polish package company saying a package was going to be delivered that day. I then got another email from the company saying they are sending me two new bags, free of charge, and they don’t need me to send in the old bags or anything.

Never in a billion years would I have thought that the process would be so quick and painless… especially in Poland. I think the fact that I was flying in Business Class and hold Miles & More Senator status might have had something to do with it, but regardless, this was amazing. Two days later, I had two brand new bags at my house.

Can your favourite airline do that?!