Last Friday I flew United Airlines Global First from San Francisco to Frankfurt on their ancient Boeing 747-400. I flew the product voluntarily and no one forced me to. Hell, some people thought something happened to me when I told them I’m flying United. Internationally.

United Airlines Global First

United Airlines Global First

I really thought United had changed. You’d think after all of the service improvements they said they were going to implement and after all of the apologising they did, things would change. Well, they’re an American carrier after all, so don’t expect anything to change. The employees are still rude, the product is still underwhelming, and the airline is going down with continuous customer service failures (almost daily now). To be honest (I never thought I would ever say this), American Airlines looks better than United Airlines at this point.

My Polaris Global First experience was awful with the crew being totally unprofessional and rude. The food and bedding were excellent though, however, that is only a minor improvement as it really is the people in the uniform that make a difference. Not surprisingly, I wrote to United and I received a general response (which I was expecting, since if you’re not a Premier 1K or Global Services member they really don’t give a damn):

“We are sorry to hear you feel this way.”

That’s it. Nothing else. Okay, then. Clearly they don’t even care after the fact and don’t want to make anything right, like, ever. United Airlines used to be my airline of choice for domestic U.S. travel a few years ago, but with the pricing adjustments, service slipping, and downright rude employees, I’ve decided to fly whatever fits my schedule.

Without a doubt, 2017 has been a terrible year for United Airlines and it is only getting worse. 2016 ended as a great year for them with the introduction of Polaris, but as I guessed, they were a bit too optimistic that Polaris will deliver. While the hard product may be good, the soft one needs to desperately improve.

“We are sorry you feel this way”… yeah, right… And I’m sorry I had to fly your UNfriendly skies.