It has been a really long almost two days and I’m ready to sleep for at least a week… if not longer. My 40 hours of travel began in Cusco, Peru and ended in Seattle.. but oh my god, it was the worst itinerary ever and with the additional delays, I was just so damn exhausted.

It isn’t exactly easy to fly back from Cusco to Seattle last minute when airlines aren’t releasing any award seats. The only real option is Star Alliance since oneworld carriers American Airlines and LATAM rarely release space. While there are over 30 daily flights between Cusco and Lima (a Star Alliance and oneworld hub), few of them are available using miles.

My initial itinerary was terrible already and was literally the only thing available last minute – it wasn’t quite 40 hours of travel, it was around 30, but still it was an awful routing. It included 11 hours in Lima, followed by a 2am 4-hour redeye flight to Panama City, followed by a 7 hour layover, followed by a 6 hour flight in a standard recliner First Class seat on a Boeing 737, followed by another long layover, followed by a 2 hour Economy Class flight to Seattle. Oh my god.

As if the above itinerary wasn’t bad already… Essentially I was flying Cusco to Lima on Avianca, followed by Lima to Panama City to Los Angeles on Copa Airlines, followed by Alaska Airlines to Seattle (on a separate ticket). I booked Cusco to Los Angeles using LifeMiles and LAX to SEA using Avios.

Nearly all of the flights were delayed, leading to extended layovers, followed by me missing the flight on a separate ticket and this whole journey was a mess. It was supposed to be 30 hours total travel time from Cusco to Seattle, but it ended up being 40 hours of travel and I’m dead tired at this point. The trip to Cusco was for sure worth it since Peru is gorgeous, but oh my god, the travel coming back..