I’ve been travelling around the world since as long as I can remember. My parents took me on countless trips when I was young and I was always fascinated by the idea of travel. However, I never understood why people would buy items (a.k.a. souvenirs) to remember a certain place.. I mean I believe you should collect memories and perhaps photos, but the fact of collecting physical items to remember a place always puzzled me.

I travel differently than most in that I don’t stay longer than three days in one specific place (unless it is for a longer beach holiday or if I’m visiting family). I also travel differently in that I don’t try to do all of the tourist stuff that a new city or place has to offer – I’d rather just walk around exploring on my own without any certain plans.

I’ve never really collected souvenirs from places I’ve visited. I just don’t see the value in buying an item that will be sitting around somewhere (probably in a box), and I’d look at it once every few years… I don’t remember my travels through items, but rather through memories and photos. In fact, I think that photos and memories are the best souvenirs since they’re stored with you all the time – and they’re not physical items.

I think buying souvenirs makes you spend unnecessary money (often a lot.. since souvenirs cost a premium) and also I think no one is overly happy about having a physical item rather than an incredible memory from a place they’ve visited. Maybe I feel this way because I’m a minimalist and all of my possessions fit into one carry-on bag and one checked-bag, but I believe it is much more important to collect memories rather than souvenirs, as memories can be recalled anywhere and anytime.