You can consider this post to be part two to the adventure I wrote about yesterday. Basically I didn’t know if I will be flying to Europe today.. and well, I am! Hello from the sky!

I’m currently flying to San Francisco from where I will board a flight to Europe. So I can now tell my friends who think I am crazy that I will in fact visit them tomorrow. 😉 If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, basically the flight I wanted to be on today didn’t have any First Class award space and I’ve been tracking it for the past week and noticed that the seats usually become available a few hours before departure.. and they did!

I woke up around 5am to check if the seats were there, and they were, so I booked it and thankfully the reservation ticketed and confirmed instantly, at which point I could check-in for my flights. I had my carry-on packed yesterday, so no last minute packing was necessary. While this trip won’t be the most exciting ever, I am flying an aircraft in First Class that will go out of service later this year, so I was excited to try the new and improved product one last time in First Class.

I called my friends to let them know that I would indeed be visiting them tomorrow in various European cities, and they of course were happy about that. A few of them actually asked me how I can do this and I explained more about how miles work and airline inventory and etc. Last minute travel (literally book and go) seems like something of interest to them!

All is well. I “risked” it a bit and was able to book the flight I wanted – like 4 hours before departure. Be sure to follow me on social media for live updates!

Anyone want to guess what airline and aircraft I’m flying?