As if the trip back to Seattle from Peru couldn’t get any more, well, interesting… As I wrote yesterday, my friend and I were flying from Lima to the U.S., after a wonderful trip to Peru, and we were both treated like shit by the Lima Airport ground staff.. and I’m sure everyone was equally badly treated – so there’s no distinction between Business Class and Economy Class.

Well, as I wrote a few days ago, I actually like Avianca’s service in Business Class – the food is edible and the FAs are nice. Fast forward to my flight from Cusco to Lima yesterday – my friend and I were on separate flights to Lima due to award availability. The check-in and boarding process went fine in Cusco… until I got on the aircraft.

I looked the morning of, and Business Class was empty except for me, so I was hoping it would stay that way and I’d have the cabin to myself. The flight was relatively empty so boarding was completed quickly. I sat down in Business Class and stored my bags… and then:

“Excuse me, this is Business Class, may I see your boarding pass?”

Well, well, well…. yes, I’m young and yes, I’m in Business Class and yes, I’m Star Alliance Gold. And yes, I’m all alone in Business Class… yet they still didn’t believe me. I knew he was “discriminating” me based on my age so I kind of acted dumb and replied “is there a problem?” to which he replied “I just need to verify some information”.

He glanced at my boarding pass for two seconds, to verify the seat number, and then quickly handed it back to me. Okay, then. For the rest of the flight and during the meal service he didn’t say a word to me and instead he just handed me the food and drinks I asked for.

Oh, Avianca…