What does a frequent flyer and miles-obsessed person collect? Not only miles and points… but also airline Amenity Kits, PJs, and slippers.

So I’m packing and trying to reduce my physical “stuff”. I’m a minimalist so at the moment I only have a carry-on full of clothing, one big suitcase full of amenity kits, slippers, and PJs I’ve collected over the years, and one more suitcase with all of my other “stuff” (CDs, books, souvenirs, etc). So my real physical “stuff” consists of one carry-on and two checked bags. Not bad.

I’ve been a minimalist forever – I never liked collecting “stuff” but rather memories. I was never the type of person that got excited about physical stuff (still true today), but rather about new adventures and experiences. So, I’m packing since I’m moving back to Europe soon and I’ve been trying to get rid of even more stuff, but I’ve gotten to the point where everything I have now provides me happiness and I feel like I don’t need to throw away anything else.

Lufthansa First Class Rimowa Amenity Kit

Lufthansa First Class Rimowa Amenity Kit

The hardest stuff to get rid of? Forget books, souvenirs, etc. – it’s the amenity kits and PJs that I can never part ways with! Seriously, I’d rather give away some of my souvenirs than an amenity kit (even though I have dozens). I’ve been thinking about this more and more and it does make sense why I have such a hard time giving away amenity kits – it is because those are the “physical” things that bring me the most memories from my trips. For example, I will remember this amenity kit from an awesome Lufthansa First Class flight… or the other amenity kit from my Etihad First Apartment flight. The amenity kits represent my travels and perhaps they are the true souvenirs from my trips.

So is it wrong to collect so many amenity kits and PJs? I have a full 30kg suitcase full of them. Amenity kits, PJs, and slippers literally account for 50% of my “stuff” and physical items. I am at the point where I am fine if I do not get rid of more stuff, but the other part of me really wants to reduce even more stuff.

How many amenity kits and PJs have you collected?