My two free nights from the Chase Hyatt credit card are set to expire in a few days and I’m having a really hard time redeeming them. It isn’t that I don’t know where I will redeem them (Park Hyatt Maldives), but rather for how long should I add additional nights using Hyatt points at the hotel.. because two nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives is obviously not enough.

So I applied and was approved for the Chase Hyatt credit card and while doing my end-of-the-month miles/points/certificates totals, I realised that my two free nights are set to expire soon and that I need to redeem them. This is the second time I have the Chase Hyatt credit card and the last time, I used my two free nights at the Park Hyatt New York, which I loved. But that’s the thing – two nights in New York is enough. It isn’t in the Maldives.

Park Hyatt New York

Park Hyatt New York

The Park Hyatt Maldives is a gorgeous hotel and perhaps probably where most people use their free Chase credit card nights since the hotel can cost easily well over $2k USD per night. The base room is a Villa and if you have Hyatt status, you might be upgraded to a Villa with a pool. I personally think the Pool Villa is the best option as you have quick access to a private pool and also the beach.. if you’re in the overwater villas, you kind of have to “dive” into the water and you don’t have much of a “beach” choice by your room.

How long is long enough at the Park Hyatt Maldives? I was thinking 6-8 nights. Two nights are covered by the certificates from the credit card, meaning I would have to only “buy” an additional 4-6 nights using Hyatt points (that I can transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards). The hotel costs 25k Hyatt points per night, which I think is a tremendous value. This means that for 100k Chase points, I would be able to enjoy six nights at the gorgeous Park Hyatt Maldives (2 nights free from the credit card and four nights using points).

I really think six nights will be enough.. but then there’s the other side to it.. the pain of actually making your way to the hotel/island via a domestic flight and then a speedboat transfer (which costs ~$500 USD). So that automatically makes me want to stay longer since I will get more “value” out of the crazy transfer required to get there. But then again, that would be an additional 25k points per night.

So what do I do? Is six nights enough? seven? eight? I think if I were to stay longer, eight nights would be my maximum. Now that I think about it, seven nights sounds good enough – it isn’t six nights and it isn’t eight nights, but rather a nice timeframe – a week. Please help me out…

How long should I stay at the gorgeous Park Hyatt Maldives?