Happy December!

December is one of my favourite months of the year as I usually spend it at home with family in Europe preparing for Christmas and celebrating. This year is no exception and my December travels will include Poland, but I was also thinking about visiting another European city for a short period of time. I really want to visit some European Christmas Markets and I hear the best places for those are Munich or Vienna.

I’m headed to Poland later this week (with Lufthansa First Class, of course), and while I will be in Poland for nearly three weeks, I really want to travel somewhere else in Europe for a few days just to explore a few places during the winter. I usually travel around Europe during the summer, however I haven’t had much time to do so in the winter. Last week, I was in London, and felt the “cold” weather, though it wasn’t particularly cold. I want to experience snow and freezing temperatures whereby I can then drink some hot chocolate and be warm. Interesting ideas, I do have.



So while Vienna or Munich sound great, I’ve been to those places many times before. I, however, haven’t been to Paris much and therefore I was thinking of visiting the city for a few days. So while France sounds like a good idea, they don’t have the best (if any) Christmas Markets from what I’ve read online. Plus, the weather in Paris isn’t scheduled to be snowing or particularly cold during the first half of December.

So, yes, my December travel plans definitely include Poland for Christmas and New Year’s, but I do want to also travel elsewhere from Poland during the three weeks that I am there. To be honest, though, I hear that Kraków itself has great Christmas Markets.. so maybe I should just stay locally and not leave my country? I don’t know. I mean Kraków is a short drive from my house.. so.. why not? But that also gives me the freedom of being able to visit the Christmas Markets there and still travel somewhere else.

Anyway, I love December. Something about snow, the holidays, and cold weather hold a special place in my heart. I definitely will travel somewhere for a few days, though I haven’t quite figured it out yet.. any suggestions for European cities during the winter are appreciated!