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In November 2002, my parents made the radical decision to try something new and change up their life (and mine) a bit and move to Seattle, Washington from our home in southern Poland. Fourteen years later, we’re moving back to Europe.

The past fourteen years of my life have been quite an adventure – I’ve spent almost every single July, August, and December back home in Poland (or travelling around the world), and the other months in Seattle (gaining education.. or something like that). This coming May, I will graduate from University in Seattle and officially be “done” with my education. I seriously can’t wait.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington

As I started my last year of university back in September, my parents officially made the decision to move back to Poland when I complete university in the next six or so months. The main reason being family, of course. We technically do not have any close family in Seattle and therefore we are kind of isolated from all of our family back home. Due to the “wonderful” American system of two-week holidays per year, my parents haven’t been able to visit family often. Thankfully, I’ve spent at least 1/4th of each year in Poland and have been able to stay with my family and really maintain that close interaction.

Now, I could stay in Seattle and get a good job with my fresh computer science degree, but… I don’t want to. Why should I remain there while all of my family is united together back at home? To earn more money? Hell no. I’ve always been about family and not about money. So a good job isn’t enough to keep me in Seattle, all alone. Not only that, four years after entering university, I’m more convinced than ever that I’ll never use my degree as I become more involved in the miles/points and travel world.

So, yes, along with my parents, I’m also moving back to Europe. Since Poland is in the European Union (which I absolutely love), I have the freedom to work and live in most other European countries. Initially, I’m moving back to Poland for a year or so, and then I’m exploring other locations. I’ve explored a lot of Europe and know it well (it is my home after all), and I’m really fascinated by a few European cities and would be open to living there eventually. Those include London, Reykjavik, Barcelona, Munich, Stockholm, Vienna, and Zurich. I really love Switzerland and I really want to live there eventually at some point. Even though it isn’t in the EU, I shouldn’t have a problem moving there.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

My only two concerns/thoughts about moving back to Europe were simple:

  • Where will I live?
  • How will I maintain my American credit cards and bank accounts?

Forget finding a job or house! Out of all of the things that people worry about, naturally, I worry about how I will continue to benefit from my American credit cards which allow me to virtually travel for nothing.. in luxury. Well, looks like it won’t be a problem – both Chase and AMEX allow foreign addresses and will send you correspondence to your foreign address.

Being a typical 21-year-old, those are my only two concerns about moving back to Europe.. and I think I’ve resolved them quite easily. To be quite honest, I didn’t even think about where I am going to live first.. instantly the first thought that came into my head was how will I be able to maintain my credit cards.. the things we do for miles and points!

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

All in all, I’m quite happy I’m moving back home and I think I’m equally happy that I will be able to maintain my credit cards and continue to use them. But to be honest – I will only use miles for long-haul flights out of Europe to America, Asia, etc. since flights around Europe are so cheap that I will just pay for it. And Economy on a 1 or 2 hour flight isn’t bad at all. Not only that, I’ve seen round-trip Lufthansa First Class fares out of Kraków or Warsaw to New York or Chicago for $3-4k USD.. which is totally reasonable and might not even make sense to redeem miles for.

I currently am in Poland.. and I’m scheduled to fly back to Seattle in a week or so to complete the final months of university. Obviously I haven’t booked my flight back yet.. because why should I as I haven’t decided if I should fly Lufthansa or SWISS First Class.

Either way, 2017 will be a year full of adventure and new experiences for me.. so come along and I will try to document as much of moving back to Europe and everything else as I can. As 2016 comes to a close, I realise that my life is about to take a turn since I’m officially an “adult” now.. or something like that 😉 .

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