I applied for the AMEX Business Platinum Card just over a month ago and have already met the minimum spend requirement of $5k USD and received the 40k Membership Rewards points in my AMEX account. Just a few days after I applied, changes were made to both the personal AMEX Platinum Card and the AMEX Business Platinum Card, and the sign-up bonus was changed.

Thankfully, AMEX usually matches the premium card sign-up bonus if you’ve applied within a few days before the bonus was increased. Since the current bonus is 50k after spending $5k, I was able to receive the additional 10k points. So if you recently applied for either Platinum Card and received a lower bonus, then it doesn’t hurt to try and ask for the additional points.

Anyway, I posted about how when I received my AMEX Business Platinum Card, the cardmember agreement stated that the first year was waived.. which is something that never happens with the AMEX Platinum Card (except the Ameriprise version). I mentioned that when I applied, the website stated that the first year was NOT waived (as is the norm). Then I received my agreement and noticed this:

AMEX Business Platinum - First Year Free!

AMEX Business Platinum – First Year Free!

I thought at first that the wrong agreement was sent to me, but then I realised that it does have my name on it and the last five digits match my card account number. I figured maybe they printed it wrong and I downloaded the agreement from my AMEX account… and it showed the same thing.. $0 USD annual fee for the first year.

Well, my first statement was generated a few days ago and the annual fee was NOT charged. With AMEX, the annual fee is usually added to the first statement. Now, sometimes the first statement is shorter because of the time of application so the annual fee might not post, but my first statement was a full 30 days… so a normal statement.

AMEX Centurion Lounge DFW

AMEX Centurion Lounge DFW

I honestly have no idea what American Express is doing here, but it is great. Not having to pay the annual fee and receiving a sign-up bonus is an amazing value with the Platinum Card. Some people are also reporting online that they’ve received similar documentation even with the personal AMEX Platinum Card…

If this secret “promotion” is still going on.. then I would apply, but you never know who will have the fee waived. Chances are that because of the recent changes to both Platinum Cards, something might have gotten a glitch in their system and now the annual fees are being waived the first year.. or something.

All in all, I continue to love American Express and have 50% of my cards from them. Membership Rewards points continue to be one of the best points currencies out there and I’m a proud AMEX cardmember.