F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! I think this may just be the greatest discovery I’ve just made, it’s going to make my flight searches SO much better! Have you ever wanted one, single route map with ALL Star Alliance airlines? Well, I’ve just found it!

Most Star Alliance airlines provide an interactive route map showing their flights, whereby you can see hub cities and then “draw” routes on the map. For the planning process, these maps are super cool since I can easily see the routes and hub cities.

However, when booking an award with multiple Star Alliance airlines, it’s often difficult to figure out what routes are flown by what airline. Lufthansa does a great job with their interactive route map, since they also show Lufthansa Group routes (Austrian, SWISS, etc.). However I’ve often had to jump between route maps from various Star Alliance airlines when planning an award, to see what routes are flown by which airline.

Obviously searching for route maps from multiple airlines might be a bit difficult since some maps are hidden and some airlines might not even have route maps. Well, after some searching on the internet, I’ve found the Global Star Alliance Route Map.

Link: http://star-alliance.innosked.com

When you go to the route map, you will be able to see all of the Star Alliance routes, hub cities, etc. You can even play around with the map to show connecting flights on multiple Star Alliance airlines.. super cool and super useful! This will save SO much time when planning trips!