United Airlines announced a few months ago their new Business Class product, entitled “United Polaris”. Why they decided to go with that name is beyond me.. it doesn’t really fit anything and I personally prefer “BusinessFirst”… it sounds more exclusive and even better marketing since you have “First” in the name.

Anyway, United released an ad for their new Business Class product last week and the ad is, well, optimistic. It kind of seems like an ad for a non-U.S. airline (even the voice over is in a non-American accent).

Here is the ad:

First of all, I love the ad. But the reason why I say the ad is optimistic is that United is trying to succeed better with this new Business Class product than other U.S. airlines. By eliminating Global First, they’re essentially trying to make Polaris a Business/First Class product combined.. which I kind of get since First Class is disappearing on many airlines with the introduction of Premium Economy.

I’m calling this ad very optimistic because that’s exactly what United is doing here.. being optimistic that the new Polaris product will be highly successful. While the seat and food perhaps might be much better than what they currently offer, how the flight attendants execute the service will be of key importance.

We all know that most flight attendants working for U.S. airlines want to literally do as little as possible for the passengers (we see it all the time, especially with American Airlines). Therefore, I’m calling this ad optimistic because United is being optimistic about how the flight attendants will execute the service.

I’ve flown United in both BusinessFirst and Global First a few times, and all I can say is that a difference can be felt when flying a non-U.S. airline in terms of, well, everything. The problem with the three big U.S. airlines is they believe they’re the best in the world and don’t need to improve much.. which is far from truth as they all don’t really have the best Business or First Class product…

I generally like United and think they have a great route network, better mileage programme than AA or DL, etc. But I think they’re being a bit too optimistic with this new ad. I doubt people will stop flying Lufthansa or SWISS to fly United Polaris.

What do you think of United’s new ad?