Every few days or so, my obsession with an airline video changes. For the past two weeks, ever since I was able to fly Etihad’s First Apartment, I’ve been listening to Etihad’s boarding music constantly and also playing their amazing ad, about 50 times per day:

Well, my obsession with that video has changed and I’ve found a new one, specifically SWISS’ older brand video. I’m flying SWISS First soon, so naturally I’ve been watching many videos related to SWISS and while I love their new brand video, “The people behind SWISS“, there’s just something about their older brand video that is just amazing:

I’ve been playing it over and over, and over again. Not only is the video amazing, I LOVE the background music. Especially beginning at the part where they show the First Class cabin.. the music is just SO relaxing and the video is excellent. Now, their new video is obviously a bit better… but still, “Your Flight, SWISS Made” is excellent, too.

But NOTHING will ever change my all time favourite, by Lufthansa, of course:

What’s your favourite airline video?