My daily music playlist consists primarily of music produced for airlines, I just find it amazing, especially boarding music. So while I have almost an entire playlist dedicated to airline boarding music, I also have one for non-boarding music (as in brand music, for example).

My favourite will always be Lufthansa’s Symphony of Angels. Lufthansa has a special place in my heart and I will always remain loyal to them due to their professionalism, amazing service, and superior First Class product.

Anyway, I was able to fly Etihad’s amazing First Class apartment, twice, a few weeks ago and up until then I had not listened to Etihad’s Boarding Music. Ever since those two flights, I think I’ve played it way more than any other airline music.

Etihad’s Boarding Music is just so relaxing and perhaps the best I’ve ever experienced. It is a mixture of traditional Arabic “sounds” and also a newer “style” of music. It is also the background for Etihad’s amazing ad:

Without a doubt, Etihad has the world’s best First Class on the Airbus A380. It truly is flying reimagined and an experience I will never forget (flight review coming soon). The music simply completes the whole “image” of the airline and represents their brand strongly.

What’s your favourite airline music?