As I approach my 500th blog post this week, I just wanted to take some time and reflect so far about my blog… Despite all of my best efforts to blog daily, it doesn’t always happen.. because unlike what some people might think, blogging isn’t easy.

Blogging is actually quite hard. Finding a topic to write about takes some moments and then actually writing about the topic, checking facts, adding images and links, etc. it all takes time. The average blog post takes around thirty minutes to write and then another few minutes to read over and revise before publishing. Even after that, I often go back and update older posts as information changes.

That’s the average blog post. However, trip reports are huge. They take hours to write. It starts with the images. Selecting and organising them takes around an hour (from the average long-haul flight). Uploading and writing captions takes another thirty minutes. Then finally, actually writing about the flight takes another hour and lastly, reading over the post and making changes is one final hour.. This is why trip reports often take me forever to write about, since I can’t always find four hours in a day to write a simple review of a flight.

Maybe it is also because I’m super OCD about everything, and I have to re-read every word of each of my blog posts to ensure it isn’t misspelled (and I don’t always catch everything). Blogging isn’t easy. It just isn’t.

So not only do you have writing new posts that take time, but also the social media aspect to it as well. Ensuring everything links up to the blog, that no links are broken, occasional theme updates, etc. That part also takes almost as long as writing one blog post.

So to my fellow bloggers – I praise you. I don’t know how some of you are able to write 10+ quality posts in one day, when I can barely come up with what to write about for one post.

And to my readers – thank you SO much for continuing to read and comment. It really means a lot. All of your comments (even negative ones) make me want to improve and continue to blog and write, since I know there is someone out there enjoying the content I’m producing.

Thanks for reading.. and here comes a massive trip report (that I hope to finish writing at least within a few weeks).