I’ve been alone before in Business Class, mostly on Intra-European routes – all on narrowbody aircraft, but here’s something that has recently happened to me.. I was all alone in Business Class on a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 from Doha to Abu Dhabi.. in the middle of the night, at 02:00.

This Business Class cabin was officially “First” Class on the ticket, since Qatar Airways names it like that on flights within the Gulf. Therefore I was also able to access the Al Safwa First Lounge in Doha.

Either way, I boarded and noticed that no one else was in the premium cabin throughout the entire boarding process.. I figured maybe other passengers were still in the lounge or something.. but then I hear the magic words: “cabin crew, boarding completed”.

Oh my.. I have Qatar Airways’ entire Boeing 777 Business Class to myself.. on a thirty minute flight! While I will have a full review soon, the flight was, well, awesome. Menu cards were distributed and I could barely finish the meal before we landed since the flight was so short. And before you ask, no, I didn’t have time to recline my seat at all.


Qatar Airways Business Class Boeing 777

Qatar Airways Business Class Boeing 777