Alaska Airlines announced a few months back that they are going to acquire and merge with Virgin America, their slogan for the merger is “Flying Better Together”.

Alaska and JetBlue were both fighting to see who was going to be able to buy Virgin America. Initially, JetBlue seemed like the perfect match for Virgin America. This is because JetBlue has a strong presence on the east coast that Virgin America has on the west coast and furthermore, they fly similar aircraft (the A320 family), and therefore the two would be a perfect match. They also both aren’t as boring as Alaska is.

Alaska is more of a traditional airline while Virgin is more hipster, therefore the two are sort of an awkward match together… but, we’ve finally been given some insight on the initial merger plans with a video Alaska published yesterday, “Flying Better Together”:

The video above was made by Alaska Airlines… I know, a bit shocking isn’t it? You do have your typical Alaska “We Love Seattle” mention, but still.. Alaska made this video?!

Their whole integration seems to be beginning with “we want to be the primary airline for anyone on the west coast”. That makes a lot of sense – Alaska has a strong presence in Seattle and Portland that Virgin has in San Francisco and Los Angeles. By combining the two, the joined airline will have a strong route network from the major cities on the west coast.

With this video, we are seeing Alaska take on Virgin’s “hip” way.. a bit. The video is different than your traditional Alaska Airlines video (a.k.a “We Love Seattle”), whereby we can somewhat begin to see the merger take place already in the tone and style…

Of all of the mergers that have happened and are going to happen, I’m excited for this one the most.. it’s going to be interesting to see how Alaska will hopefully acquire some of Virgin’s “style” and perhaps become a bit “younger” in terms of the way they present themselves. Because let’s be honest – while a great airline, Alaska is boring. Sure they have a great mileage programme (for the most part), but their flights and airport experience is just SO boring.

I’m looking forward to seeing this merger continue…