I’ll be the first to admit that I kind of like Alaska Airlines.. it isn’t because I live in Seattle half of the year, or because they have a cool brand video, or because most of the flight attendants are nice (which is true).. But rather because they like to do things their way and be proud that they run a smooth airline.

While some of my trust in the airline is gone, they still have a great mileage programme with a bunch of unique international airline partners. What I don’t like is that they don’t publish award charts for every region.. so for example, you can’t fly from Europe to Africa on a Mileage Plan award ticket.

Anyway, I’m always intrigued at the way Alaska’s flight attendants advertise the Alaska Airlines Signature VISA near the end of most flights. Some of the time rather than stating the actual benefits, the flight attendants like to add more than what the card can do or what their mileage programme is capable of.

For example, the latest statement I heard on my most recent flight was:

“You can redeem your miles from this fantastic credit card with more than 100 of our international airline partners”

Say what, now?

A more accurate statement would have been:

“Please sign up for the card, we promise not to change our award chart overnight, just because we like to sell miles cheaply and a certain U.A.E airline got upset” 😉