For a second I thought I was on easyJet.

On Monday I flew from Kraków to Brussels with Brussels Airlines in Economy Class. I had booked a cheap ticket from Kraków to Barcelona via Brussels (Barcelona was gorgeous – trip report coming soon) and returning with Lufthansa via Frankfurt. While the flights were standard and average, I’ve discovered something that was a bit shocking, that I didn’t know:

Brussels Airlines doesn’t offer any free drinks in Economy Class within Europe, not even water. If you are connecting from a long haul flight on Brussels Airlines, you can show them your boarding pass for that flight and you will get a free drink.

If you are connecting from a long haul flight operated by Brussels Airlines, we are happy to serve you a soft drink or a hot drink for free. Just present the boarding pass of your long haul flight to the cabin crew.

Brussels Airlines A319

Brussels Airlines A319

So I guess that means that if I fly Lufthansa long haul and connect to Brussels Airlines short haul.. I won’t even enjoy some free water? That’s just horrible in my opinion… they’re a member of Star Alliance after all!! Even United offers free soft drinks in Economy Class on short routes! It isn’t like Brussels Airlines advertise themselves as a low cost airline, and I definitely don’t think that they are.

I was a bit shocked when I found out that water and all soft drinks cost 3 Euro on European flights… that’s just insane. They’re a normal airline after all and when I asked if I could have some free water since I’m a Miles & More elite, I was given a blank look like if I had asked for a free upgrade to their “Business Class” (which doesn’t even have a partition between Economy).

Their staff are really nice, other aspects of the flight were great, and they have a cool lounge in Brussels… but this is just a bit shocking… I’m surprised I hadn’t known this before.