Happy Monday!

Why am I particularly excited about this Monday? Well, because tomorrow it is Tuesday… my last day of uni for this year. As of tomorrow, I will have finished my third year of uni in Seattle.. and that leaves just one more year to complete and I will be free to travel!

While I probably should be studying for my last exam tomorrow, I just wanted to make a post about how happy I am that it is already June and the summer is starting again. I have a bit under four months until uni begins again in October and I plan to make the most out of those months (as everyone is telling me it is the last summer of my lifetime before I have to “work” for “real”… we’ll see about that 😉 ).

I’m heading to Poland late next week (flying Lufthansa First Class, of course) and Poland will act as my “base” for travelling this summer. As usual, I’m staying with family so it will be nice to visit everyone and also travel. Europe is in an excellent location because you can get to just about anywhere in the world from Europe with a direct flight. I have tons of miles that I will be using to fly to awesome places this summer like Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

Summer is here... time to travel the world!

Summer is here… time to travel the world!

Needless to say, I think in terms of travel, it is going to be my best summer yet. Not only am I going to travel to new places in Europe (like Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Zurich, etc.), but also travelling to new continents I’ve yet to explore – like Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Thanks to miles and points, I can fly First Class to almost all of the long-haul destinations at a significantly lower price than your average person. I’m so happy that miles and points are so flexible and can get me anywhere I need to be.. literally overnight.

Anyway, this summer will be great. I’m not only travelling alone, but I’m also taking family and friends on some trips… which is what is going to make everything extra special. Stay tuned for awesome trip reports and reviews of tons of new airlines, lounges, hotels, and places!