I redeem United MileagePlus miles for most of my travel as they’ve got a somewhat-good award chart and don’t charge fuel surcharges. I also redeem the most United miles (and Chase points) when helping clients through BoundlessMiles. Lately, however, my United reservations haven’t been ticketing quickly. And by quickly I mean it has been taking 3-5 days for ticketing… usually it takes less than an hour.

My United Reservations aren't Ticketing quickly

My United Reservations aren’t Ticketing quickly

United is known for having a $hit website and a not-so-great computer system (SHARES), so it isn’t really surprising me that there is something slowing it down now. For the record, it doesn’t matter if it is a simple revenue ticket on United from Seattle to San Francisco or a complicated award ticket around the world involving multiple Star Alliance airlines… it seems to be random.

How can you tell if your United reservation isn’t ticketed (but is confirmed)? This message will show up when you access your reservation at the top of the page.

Not Ticketed

Not Ticketed

This text changes to “This reservation has been ticketed and confirmed” when an e-ticket is issued. When the reservation is also e-ticketed, you have more options on the reservations page – such as cancelling or changing flights, exporting itineraries, emailing receipts, etc.

The fix to not ticketing? Call them and they will manually push it to be ticketed almost instantly. As much as I hate spending time on the phone with airlines and sometimes their incompetent agents, this is usually an easy process “my reservation hasn’t ticketed and it has been X days”. They work their magic and then I receive a confirmation email with a ticket number (something that is needed to fly)!

I hope they can speed up the process back to the way it was soon, because I hate having to call them to get it ticketed. I also don’t have all of the time in the world to monitor dozens of reservations each day to see if they’ve ticketed.

Is your United reservation ticketing or not ticketing quickly?