Happy June! June is one of my favourite months because the summer is almost here, which for me means that I will be heading back to Europe soon for an amazing summer with family and lots of travel. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend… I did.. flying Aeromexico!

Let me explain: last week I posted about the idea of flying from Mexico City to Seattle via Europe on Lufthansa First Class and then Austrian Airlines Business Class. I thought it would be an awesome experience and great travel opportunity… but, ultimately I didn’t book it. Why? I thought to myself and here’s what I ended up with:

  • it is a waste of miles
  • i’ve flown Lufthansa First Class many times before
  • i want to use those miles for real trips

These three strong points were enough to convince me that I shouldn’t waste the miles on a pointless ticket, just so I can fly Lufthansa First Class… something I will be doing in two weeks anyway. So while it would’ve been cool, I’m glad I saved the miles for something else. But thank you to everyone for the awesome comments!

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

So how did I fly back from Mexico City to Seattle? On Aeromexico from Mexico City to Los Angeles and then on Alaska to Seattle. Aeromexico has great availability, but sadly I had to wait for Alaska to release some award seats between Los Angeles and Seattle. I had some Aeromexico miles that I wanted to “waste” (from the credit card) and since their miles aren’t very useful, I was fine with wasting them on this route.

I managed to get the simple ticket booked after calling their call centre about 30 times. Oh my. I don’t know if they’re that incompetent or if they are blocking Alaska awards. All agents had no problem seeing Aeromexico space, but then 99% of them couldn’t see Alaska award space… until finally I found an agent who was able to get the itinerary ticketed and confirmed.

Alaska and Aeromexico have a strange relationship in that Alaska blocks all Aeromexico awards and you can’t use Alaska miles for travel on Aeromexico and Alaska has been claiming they will fix the “issue” soon… but still haven’t after a long period of time. So could it be that Aeromexico is blocking some of Alaska award space to their members… or are the agents just not competent enough? Either way, I managed to get it booked after literally calling them multiple times for a week.

Trip report coming soon – Aeromexico isn’t bad and actually their seats are much better than domestic First Class. The service and food are better than what the U.S. airlines offer and the staff are kind and polite.