Clothing is really important for me when I travel – especially light clothing that doesn’t weigh much, but also clothing that is durable and made from premium material. I normally travel with just a carry-on and will occasionally check a bag if I’m gone for longer than 2-3 weeks and won’t have additional clothing. I generally try to fit as much as possible into my carry-on, and about 80% of the items are some type of clothing.

I was recently contacted by Bluffworks, the pants for work, play, and travel, and they generously sent me two pairs of their pants for a review – their original and chino pants. After a few days of walking around in the pants, I couldn’t be happier and was excited that I’d found ideal pants for travel. From their website:

Built For Life’s Every Adventure. From the city streets to the top of the trail, Bluffworks is designed for whatever path you take. We value comfort, style and durability above all else, and strive to make clothes that keep pace with the modern man on the move. Whether you’re on the grind or looking to escape, Bluffworks is ready for the road ahead.



Bluffworks are versatile

The awesome feature these pants have is that they’re very versatile – they can be used for travel and business… and they look great with just about anything. This is super important to me because it saves me space (and time) while travelling. If I can have one pair of pants that look great for casual travel and for business meetings… that’s fantastic!

Some other great features of these pants are that they’re not only wrinkle resistant, but also lightweight, breathable, and made from quick drying materials. All of the features perfect for travel clothing! What I particularly enjoyed is that there are hidden pockets with zippers and therefore I can keep valuable items hidden and secure while walking around and exploring a city, for example. There is also a discrete side pocket which fits most smartphones and even a passport.



I took both pairs of pants out into the city on a recent adventure and found them equally comfortable and pleasant to walk around in. I was also able to wear them to a recent meeting with a sports blazer and the two went excellent together. I should say that I absolutely hate dressing up and putting on a suit.. and I think I just found my perfect combination of these pants and then a regular blazer.

While I love the pants a ton, there are a few drawbacks: firstly is the price, they’re a bit on the expensive side.. but I would say totally worth it if you are looking for durable travel pants that double and function in other environments perfectly. The second minor issue that I had is that they aren’t ideal for cold weather and if it is colder than normal, you will definitely feel that… so I would only wear them in average temperatures ideal for exploring a city (not too hot nor too cold).

All in all, I’d like to thank Bluffworks for sending me the pants to try out and review – I really enjoyed walking around in them and the fact that they’re so lightweight, durable, and secure is just an added plus. I love the fact that they look great in different environments and I can literally walk into a meeting after walking around a city for a day and they will still look great and professional.

So I have effectively replaced two pairs of pants with one.. which is great and that means I can save even more room in my carry-on as needed. If you’re wanting to try out a pair, simply head over to their website. You can use the promo code PROWORLD to save 10% on their non-sale items! Their customer service is incredible and therefore you should have no problems trying out a few before deciding on which ones you’d like to keep!

Do you have a favourite pair of travel pants? Let me know!