Visiting a Friend in Chicago – Introduction
United Airlines First Class A320 Seattle to San Francisco
United Airlines First Class B777 San Francisco to Chicago
Exploring Chicago
United Airlines First Class B737 Chicago to San Francisco

The next weekend after my crazy, weekend trip to Rio de Janeiro, was spent in Chicago. I decided it would be nice to visit another new city for me in America, and plus I found a nice United First Class fare that would earn me ~16k miles for about 3.6 CPM… which is incredible, and I routed through San Francisco for even more miles.

I have a few friends in Chicago, and one of them kindly offered me a place to stay and showed me around. I was going to book a hotel, but thankfully that wasn’t necessary and instead I spent a ton of quality time with my friend and her family, which I always love. Catching up with her was great since I hadn’t seen her for a few years so she insisted I stay at her house when she found out I would be in Chicago.



I arrived on Saturday morning and my departing flight to San Francisco was leaving Sunday afternoon, which meant I would have the whole Saturday and about half of Sunday to do some exploring. I spent the majority of Saturday exploring and the rest of the time was spent with my friend just talking and laughing about the past. Needless to say, it was a relaxing and fun weekend and something different since I was staying with someone and not at a hotel.

The flights were as follows:

26 February: United 587 Seattle (SEA) – San Francisco (SFO), 19:16 – 21:27, First Class
26 February: United 214 San Francisco (SFO) – Chicago (ORD), 22:50 – 04:46+1, First Class
28 February: United 309 Chicago (ORD) – San Francisco (SFO), 17:45 – 20:35, First Class
28 February: United 351 San Francisco (SFO) – Seattle (SEA), 22:58 – 01:12, First Class

The overnight flight from San Francisco to Chicago was operated by one of United’s Domestic Boeing 777 aircraft which features this First Class cabin:

United Domestic B777 First Class

United Domestic B777 First Class

These seats are definitely more comfortable than regular domestic First Class seats since they recline much more and also have a footrest. They don’t go fully flat and sleeping in them is tough, but somehow I managed to sleep for the four hour flight.

My friend kindly picked me up at the airport and also dropped me off, so I was super fortunate and lucky that I didn’t have to make my own way.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, and it was truly nice to catch up with my friend after many years. Here comes another trip report!