Etihad First and Qatar First? or Etihad First? or Qatar First? Yesterday I asked you guys whether I should book another segment in Etihad First on the A380 (from Abu Dhabi to London) or if I should book Qatar Airways First on the A380 from Doha to either London or Paris. I also explained that I already booked Etihad First on the A380 from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi.

Well, a number of you actually emailed me and I’m really thankful for all of your input. Regardless of which airline I fly, it will still cost 40k AAdvantage miles prior to the changes happening later in March – the taxes/fees might slightly vary, though.

So what did I decide? Well, from what I have read online and from your feedback, Qatar’s ground services and the new lounge in Doha are significantly nicer than the First Class ground services offered in Abu Dhabi by Etihad – that’s important. I really do want to visit the new Qatar Airways First Class lounge that opened a few months ago… since I hear it is amazing. However, Etihad wins hands down in terms of the superior First Class product they offer on the A380.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

So what did I book? Both! That is, I booked Etihad First on the A380 from Abu Dhabi to London and I booked Qatar Airways First Class (though in reality Business Class) from Dubai to Doha and then after an overnight in Doha, Doha to Abu Dhabi. Yes, I realise it isn’t the A380. But I still will be able to try Qatar Airways on two “First” class flights and I will be able to visit the First Class Lounge in Doha since flights within the gulf are sold as First Class!

So, I’m excited. Yes, I’m not flying the Qatar A380.. but at least I will be able to experience the superior ground services in Doha and then the amazing Etihad First Apartment from Abu Dhabi to London… all for 40k AAdvantage miles! That’s amazing.

Needless to say, I basically burned all of my ~200k AA miles for flights this year… and I’m very proud of that. Have you burned your AA miles yet?