SWISS International Air Lines is the premium carrier from the Lufthansa Group, mainly due to their excellent service, constant professionalism, and Swiss hospitality. SWISS doesn’t have the global reach like Lufthansa, but is still able to transport passengers around the world including around Europe, to Asia, North and South America, and other parts around the world.

I recently booked SWISS First Class using miles (only available to Miles & More Senator and HON Circle Members) on their new flagship, the Boeing 777-300ER, and perhaps it might be my most exciting flight of the year. I also booked SWISS First on their A330 on a shorter, ~6 hour route.

The brand is very iconic. After all, some of the best things (including chocolate) come from Switzerland and because they’re not in the European Union, Switzerland is still very authentic and original. I love the livery on SWISS aircraft – a simple large cross and giant letters that represent one of the world’s best airlines.

They have awesome brand videos that they’ve published online during the past few years, including:

While a bit dated, the two brand videos above are iconic and show how SWISS is able to provide excellent service to all passengers and while their product might not be revolutionary, there is still something about it that makes people smile every time they board their aircraft.

Fast forward to about a week ago, they uploaded a new brand video, entitled “The people behind SWISS”:

It’s amazing, and perhaps the best brand video of any airline. Yes, there are some amazing brand videos that other airlines have published, but in my honest opinion, nothing stands as high as this one. I’ve literally had the video on replay for the past week or so… it’s simply fascinating and shows the quality of the airline from a completely different perspective.

I think that most of you have already watched the video, but I just can’t get over how beautiful and gorgeous it is… sort of like the new lounges they built in Zurich (which I can’t wait to visit soon). Their new flagship changes many things for the airline and perhaps ranks them higher than where they were, and I do believe SWISS will grow and further their airline and become more global than they already are.