One common task us bloggers face is taking pictures at airports, lounges, and of course, in airplanes. I love taking photos and sharing them with all of you – however the task of taking a photo in a lounge or on an airplane isn’t as easy as taking a picture of something in the park. The main reason being security, of course. Taking photos on airplanes and in lounges has been discussed before on FlyerTalk and by other bloggers, but hopefully I can provide my insight and thoughts.


Airline Policy

The general airline policy of taking photos and videos on board is that you can as long as it is for “personal use”. Now “personal use” can be defined in a variety of ways, but generally that means simply taking the picture for yourself or to share with family – as in it isn’t for commercial use.

However, as we all know, flight attendants on U.S. airlines now virtually have unlimited power to do anything they please and they love to abuse that power all the time, and it is kind of impossible for a passenger to win with a flight attendant. U.S. based airlines’ flight attendants literally think everything is a safety threat, even taking a picture – it isn’t like you are taking a picture of them or what they’re doing, you’re simply taking a picture of the seat or the food… something that is even advertised on the airline’s website.


Taking pictures in First Class is easier

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Everyone is excited to fly in First or Business Class – most flight attendants understand that (at least those of non-U.S. airlines). They know you’re excited and generally First Class passengers on international airlines aren’t questioned for taking pictures. Even if you were, it is kind of obvious what to say: “I’m super excited, this is the first time I’m in First Class and I would like to show my family”.

That being said, I’ve never had to explain myself or for that matter, have even been asked why I was taking pictures. I mean some flight attendants even ask me if I would like a picture after they see me taking pictures… this even happened on United Airlines once.


Lounge Photos

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Empty lounges are those that make the perfect photographs – however, lounges aren’t always empty. I usually take lounge pictures from the corners of the lounge rather than the centre, simply because the picture will be better and have a more “complete” view of the lounge. I also think it is easier to take pictures from the corners because there isn’t anyone behind you to question what you are doing.

Usually only the servers will be walking around the lounge and they don’t really care as they don’t always work directly for the airline. One time I was taking a picture and a server jokingly told me to wait for her to clean up the area so that the picture wouldn’t show a small mess.


Using a small camera or phone

I use my iPhone for all of my pictures. Why? Because the camera is awesome, especially with the new iPhone 6S that I purchased a few months ago – the picture quality is good and there is no need to carry an additional item with you.

I also think that it is much easier taking pictures on your phone because, well.. everyone has a phone and people take pictures all the time now for social media and for sharing with friends. I mean even airlines are on social media and post pictures of airplanes, airports, and lounges. Using a phone is easier to take pictures with than a camera – because you could be using your phone for something else and you can’t really use a camera for anything else. Plus, using a phone is very discreet – even if you’re holding it up, that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily taking a picture.


To summarise…

Hopefully taking photos on airplanes and in lounges will be easier for you after reading some of my tips. Simply put it this way: taking pictures on airplanes and in lounges isn’t anything bad – you’re not breaking any rules as long as they’re for your personal use and not commercial use. I consider my blog my personal journal and I’m not selling the pictures to anyone or using them in a commercial purpose – no one is paying me for a lounge or flight review.

Just remember – if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re not doing anything wrong. There are far worse things you could be doing than taking a picture to share with friends.