SWISS has been releasing some amazing videos regarding their airline recently. Most notably, they released their “The people behind SWISS” brand video, which is just truly amazing and perhaps the best in the industry. All of this excitement is because of the SWISS Boeing 777, which they just recently took delivery of. To complement the new aircraft, new lounges were opened in Zurich and they are truly stunning.

Another great video of the new SWISS Boeing 777 was uploaded today, showing them taking delivery of the aircraft:

Wow! Amazing. I absolutely love airline videos and have a whole playlist of them on YouTube (more on that soon) and this video is just perfect. I love that SWISS has so much pride in their new aircraft. To me it seems like they are really trying to become more global with this aircraft and reach further places on the earth. I expect much more promotion from SWISS in the following months – mainly focused around their new flagship.

Until today, my favourite aircraft “delivery” video has been LOT’s of their Dreamliner a few years ago. This one has a special place in my heart because it features the two places where I spend most of my time throughout the year – Seattle and Poland. Plus since I’m Polish, LOT is kind of supposed to be “my” loyal airline…

Either way, SWISS is just on fire with these new videos!