Yes, I am a bit shocked I haven’t been to Asia yet. I know, I know.. I don’t really have a good reason as to why I haven’t been to Asia yet other than to say that I’ve been focusing on travelling around Europe and North America.

Well, yesterday I wrote about how I booked the Etihad First Apartment MEL – AUH, so I will need to somehow get to Australia before the flight. Naturally, I’m planning on spending a few days in Sydney. However, I decided I would like to stop in Asia before continuing to Australia.. I mean it just makes sense to do so.

Except here’s the thing… I was looking at the map and have no clue which cities/countries I should visit in Asia… there are just so many and all of them are awesome. I was thinking about visiting the following: Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, and Bali. Then I started to plan out the flights and decided it would be best if I fly Cathay Pacific First Class to Hong Kong, then book an Avios ticket to either Bangkok, Singapore, or Denpasar… and then what? I mean I could do that and then fly Thai First Class for 40k United miles to Sydney.

I also realise that probably 2-3 days in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore is enough. However, I want to spend 4-6 days in Bali to “relax”… then continue to Sydney for 2-4 days before flying Etihad First to Abu Dhabi.

Then I was thinking to myself… well, I am going to be in Abu Dhabi… so why not stay there a few days, then a few days in Dubai… and perhaps another few days in Doha. That way I could fly Qatar Airways First Class on the A380 from Doha to London or Paris.

Does all of this sound a bit crazy? I mean I would fly to Hong Kong, then to SIN/BKK/DPS (I haven’t figured out which one first), then to Sydney, then to the United Arab Emirates, then to Qatar and finally back to Poland. I figured 2 days in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore = 6 days, then 4 – 5 days in Bali, 3 days in Sydney, 2-4 days between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and then 2 days in Doha.

I decided to start planning all of this and then I simply looked at the whole itinerary and it just sounds a bit mad overall. I mean I would be in different time zones like every 3 days and flying a bit too much… I’m thinking a better option would be to simply fly to Hong Kong for 2 days, then to Bali for a few days, and then to Sydney… but it kills me to not visit Singapore or Bangkok if I’m already in that region…

So, please help me here… because I feel like I want to put together too much in one trip. Perhaps just Hong Kong and Bali are fine… and save Singapore and Bangkok for another time…? I definitely will be in Sydney for 3 days and then in the Middle East 3-5 days, just depending on when there is availability.