First of all, sorry for the delayed posting this week – I was travelling 🙂


2015 was an incredible year. I flew 50% more miles than I did in 2014 – that’s awesome. I plan to do the same in 2016, actually the goal is 75% more miles than 2015 and to make at least three trips per month (up from at least one trip per month last year).


2016 is looking very promising for me in terms of life, the blog, travelling, etc. I plan to visit many new countries that I haven’t been to yet and to try many new airlines. Some of the places I plan on travelling to include South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, and Africa (of course this is in addition to Europe/North America).

For 2016, I am not changing my airline frequent flyer programme (because I doubt I will ever change it) and I will continue to maintain my Star Alliance Gold status through mileage status runs and various trips throughout the world.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had booked SWISS First. Well, after some thought, I decided to cancel that ticket. Why? Because I would rather spend 85k Miles & More miles for an 11+ hour flight in SWISS First on their new B777 from SFO-ZRH than to spend the same amount of miles now on an 8 hour flight on their A333. Also, thank you to all who commented on that post – it seems like a much better value of my miles to wait half a year until SWISS begins flying their new B777s on longer routes.

Lufthansa First

So instead of returning from Europe to America a few days ago in SWISS First, I booked Lufthansa First on the A346 from MUC-LAX (a route that is usually hard to book using miles). So now I have a complete Lufthansa First Class “portfolio”, meaning that I’ve flown LH F on every aircraft possible.

New Theme for Blog

Coming soon! We are looking at going live sometime at the beginning of February just to ensure the backend is all working properly and the new theme is synced with all of the posts, comments, etc. There will be also a social aspect and therefore we want to make sure everything is all set up properly and working.

The trip report for LH F is coming next, I know that 90% of my trip reports are about Lufthansa First… but I mean I just had to complete my LH First “collection” before trying out new airlines. I plan to fly the following airlines in First or Business Class this year: OS, LO, EY, EK, UA, AA, BA, LX, CX, and more!

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 filled with travel, travel, and more travel!