Breakfast and a Massage in Dallas – Introduction
Airports at Night are Relaxing
United First Class Mileage Run (SEA-IAH-DFW)
American Express The Centurion Lounge Dallas
Gorgeous Flight Above Texas (DFW-IAH)
United Airlines First Class B737 Houston to Seattle

This past weekend I was finally able to fly a successful mileage run, unlike last weekend. I was basically able to book the same destination this weekend for a slightly higher price, so the mileage run was still worth it. So while last weekend I was supposed to fly to Dallas via Houston/San Francisco, this weekend I simply flew to Dallas via Houston both ways. Call this mileage run “Breakfast and a Massage in Dallas”, because that’s basically all I did in Dallas at the Centurion Lounge.

While most people wouldn’t consider this a “mileage run”, I do. Why? Dallas-Houston earns me 1.875 award and status miles in First Class, so when you factor in two of those flights, plus SEA-IAH-SEA in First, I earned about ~16k miles total… that’s awesome. And, I got bumped IAH-SEA, resulting in a $200 voucher for a future flight!

Boarding Passes for Breakfast and a Massage in Dallas

Boarding Passes for Breakfast and a Massage in Dallas

This “mini” trip report will quickly cover the flights as well as a full review of the AMEX Centurion Lounge in Dallas. I just need to visit the Miami Centurion Lounge and then my “collection is complete”. Once the lounges in Houston and Los Angeles are open, I shouldn’t have trouble reviewing those since they’re both United hubs that I fly through frequently.

I already published a beginning to this trip report while I was in the Centurion Studio, Airports at Night are Relaxing. Seriously, I was so relaxed that I was then able to sleep on the night flight to Houston. The itinerary looked like this:

22 January: United 516 Seattle – Houston, departing at 23:59 arriving at 06:06 (+1 day), First Class
23 January: United 3960 Houston – Dallas, departing at 08:48 arriving at 10:05, First Class
23 January: United 3560 Dallas – Houston, departing at 12:36 arriving at 13:48, First Class
23 January: United 1977 Houston – Seattle, departing at 18:03 arriving at 20:59, First Class

I was originally supposed to fly from Houston to Seattle at 15:23, however I volunteered and was bumped to the next flight. United awarded me with a $200 USD voucher that I can use on a future flight. I also received a meal voucher worth $20 USD. The gate agent was actually surprised the voucher was $20, since they’re apparently usually only $10, however he said that it might have something to do with either my Star Gold status or the fact that I was in First Class.

None of the flights were delayed and the whole mileage run was successful and yes, the next mileage run has already been booked!