I love technology, and especially travel technology that makes my life easier pre-travel, during travel, and post-travel. Pre-travel technology tools that I love include websites like ExpertFlyer.com where you can easily check award availability. “During Travel” tools include tools such as TripIt that update you on your gate, flight status, etc. Post-Travel tools include flight management or logging software where you could log your flights.

One of my favourite pre-travel technology tools is a website called Where to Credit. The website essentially asks you for your operating airline and the booking class of your flight and tells you what airlines’ frequent flyer programme you should credit those miles to in order to maximise your mileage earning.

Where to Credit

Where to Credit

United "A" Class can earn 300%!

United “A” Class can earn 300%!

For example, did you know that United’s First Class (even cheap domestic tickets booked as a UPDI fare that books into “A”), earns 300% with Lufthansa Miles & More?

The key thing to note here is that you can easily check where you can credit your miles from an airline to possibly maximise those miles as much as possible. This tool is also useful for when you are planning on deciding on a Frequent Flyer Programme, you can check how many miles you would earn on fares you fly the most.

The important thing to note is that this tool might not be 100% accurate since the mileage earning rates could change at anytime; therefore it is important to use this tool for planning, however you should always verify with the airline what percentage of miles you will earn.