This year, as with last, Lufthansa is once again offering all Miles & More status customers (those holding a Silver Frequent Traveller card, Gold Senator card, or black HON Circle card), status miles as a result of the frequent strikes this year.

For the year of 2014, Lufthansa offered Frequent Travellers 3k Status Miles, Senators 10k Status Miles, and HON Circle Members 30k Status Miles. For 2015, Lufthansa will do the same as a form of compensation due to the 18 days of strike (so far…). Miles & More status members will also receive the same amount of select miles which can be redeemed towards, as the name suggests, “select” items (such as a Lufthansa Lounge voucher or a WorldShop discount).

Lufthansa sent the following email yesterday morning to Miles & More Status Customers (this is the Senator version that I received):

Dear Mr. Zmuda:


This year has been characterised by the completion of long-term projects which will offer you more comfort across the board on your journeys with Lufthansa. For example, you will now find the newest cabin facilities in all classes on our entire long‑haul fleet. Another milestone is the introduction of Premium Economy Class, which now offers even more comfort to even more customers. However, today I would also like to address those matters which have undoubtedly caused you some inconvenience and irritation.


That is because this year has also been characterised by pay disputes with the pilots’ and flight attendants’ unions. Our flights have been disrupted by strike action on 18 days so far, which must have had a serious impact on your travel planning. Even though we have done everything possible to keep the effects on our passengers to a minimum, this is not the standard of quality and reliability that you have come to expect from us. I greatly regret this and would like to apologise to you on behalf of the Lufthansa Board for any adverse effects these strikes may have had on your arrangements.


I owe it to you to explain our position in this situation. As the Lufthansa Board we are responsible for securing our company’s long‑term competitiveness. This requires us to pursue pay negotiations to an acceptable conclusion, so that we can continue to invest in our product and services for your benefit and that of all our customers.


Given your tightly packed travel routine, it is essential that you can rely on us at all times. We are very aware of this. But we also know how important it is for you to retain your Senator status with all the associated privileges and amenities you can make use of when you travel. To support you here, over the next few days we will be crediting the one‑off amount of 10,000 status miles to the mileage accounts of all Miles & More members with Senator status for 2015. You will also receive the same amount of select miles.


Obviously, a lump‑sum solution like this cannot compensate for every difficulty caused by the recent events. Perhaps you have already taken other steps to maintain your status. Nevertheless, I hope you will understand that this is the quickest and most pragmatic way we can provide a satisfactory solution for the majority of our status customers.


Please accept my sincere thanks for your loyalty in these challenging times!

To be 100% honest, the 10k Status (and Select) miles are completely useless to me. Why? Because I’ve already re-qualified for status this year and therefore I totally won’t need these additional 10k miles at all.

I was affected by the strike in early September – but I ended up being rebooked in Full Fare First Class which means I received ~20k Award, Status, Select, and HON Circle miles.

Miles & More - Senator Strike Miles

Miles & More – Senator Strike Miles

Some passengers will find the compensation status miles very useful because they have yet to re-qualify for status and this will make life much easier for them as they won’t need to be doing last minute mileage runs. The 10k Status and Select Miles have already posted for me this morning. I’m sure a few Miles & More status customers will be satisfied with Lufthansa’s offering.