Hello everyone!

I mentioned a few days ago that the BoardingArea team and I are planning a major blog redesign of Travelling the World. We are currently targeting mid-January as the launch date, a few days before my next featured time on BoardingArea.

Since you guys read my blog (obviously), I want your feedback! Nothing is more important than to listen to my readers and change/add new features to the blog that make your reading experience better. While I have included a brief overview of the main pages we will be changing up the most, I would really appreciate if you guys could either comment or email me with suggested changes and enhancements to the blog.

Main Home Page

The main home page of the blog is the most important and therefore we have decided to add various sections to the page, including Featured Posts, Popular Posts, New Posts, Upcoming Posts, etc. There will also be a bunch of high-quality images on the home page that highlight the main content and my posts. The main page will include a bunch of other content aside from just the posts, we are planning on social media integration, videos, other news, help guides, and more.


I am planning on writing several help guides on beginning/getting started in the miles & points hobby. Not only that, I also want to include in-depth guides on using loyalty programmes, the first guide will be on Miles & More and will include the best redemption, award rules, best value of miles, etc. Other guides will include as to which credit cards should be used to maximise your mileage earning and how to redeem and transfer those points to use them for something aspirational.

Trip Reports

The Trip Reports page is in need of a major redesign. Right now, I have to manually add each flight, airline, etc. review to each individual page and it really is a pain and leads to everything being a bit disorganised and I don’t like that. The new trip reports page will include a great filtering system whereby you can filter to see the report you want based on airline, aircraft, class of service, etc. This will make the trip reports much easier to find and read since suggested posts will be also included in each review.


The individual review page (like a certain First Class review), will include the usual pictures, however, I really want to incorporate sliding images into the reviews and maybe more image galleries, that way you guys don’t have to scroll forever since I know some of you don’t like to do that. The current plan is to have “featured” images full size and additional supporting images to be in a gallery. All images will be able to be viewed in full screen by simply clicking on them.


Video is actually one of my stronger skills and I want to really incorporate more video into the blog so that it isn’t just still images that you guys are looking at, but rather a more complete experience. Hopefully most trip reports and reviews will have some sort of video, whether that is a tour of the cabin or simply a section of a lounge. I am thinking the best way is to simply upload them to YouTube and link them on the blog in each report, that way more people can find me on that platform by simply searching for a review as a video.

Social Media

Social Media is a big part of the web these days and I definitely need to be more active on it. We are planning on somehow integrating social media into the blog whereby you would be able to post comments with your Twitter/Facebook account, as well as easily share posts and “like” content on the blog all through a social media platform you already are signed up for.

What Else?

These are just the major points I have included that we will be focusing on the most, but there definitely will be smaller changes in the blog also. However, the key thing to note here is that the blog is primarily for you guys and that’s why I really would like your feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. – anything that you think would help the blog and would make it better! So please, if you have a few moments, simply comment below about what you would like to see (or be changed) with the upcoming redesign.

Again, I really appreciate you guys and I’m thankful everyday to be able to blog about travelling, miles, points, etc. it is an amazing world out there waiting to be discovered and I love sharing my experiences with all of you!

Have an awesome weekend everyone! P.S. I am flying Lufthansa First Class on the B748I later this week, be sure to follow me on social media for live updates!