A Visit (to the) HOM (House of Miles) – Introduction
American Express The Centurion Studio Seattle
Alaska Airlines Economy Class CRJ7 Seattle to Colorado Springs
Visiting the House of Miles
Premier Lounge Colorado Springs
United Express First Class DH8 Colorado Springs to Denver
United Airlines First Class B737 Denver to Seattle

Recently I had a chance to visit the House of Miles (HOM) (technically office), in Colorado Springs, CO. The House of Miles team (and specifically Randy) are behind all of the frequent flyer news websites such as BoardingArea, InsideFlyer, FlyerTalk, etc. FlyerTalk was actually started by Randy, although they don’t own it anymore.

Randy Petersen didn’t invent frequent flyer programmes – just the news about them, he literally quit his job to pursue this dream of his and literally made it happen. You can read more about Randy and Frequent Flyer Services here. I’m very fortunate to be a part of the BoardingArea network and Randy’s team as he really does have some fantastic people working with him who constantly help us bloggers out with all of our needs/questions/suggestions/issues.

The House of Miles is located in Colorado Springs and has the following address (not kidding):

1930 Frequent Flyer Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

If you look up the address on Google Maps, you really can’t not find the building:

Randy Petersen's House of Miles

Randy Petersen’s House of Miles

In fact, if you fly into Colorado Springs airport from a certain direction, you can totally see the sign on the building – it’s super cool!

I had about four and a half hours of discussions with Randy and the House of Miles staff scheduled and therefore decided to book a day trip, departing in the morning and returning at night, so the flights were as follows:

13 November: Alaska 3494, Seattle – Colorado Springs, departing at 08:55 arriving at 12:30, Economy
13 November: United 4879, Colorado Springs – Denver, departing at 17:03 arriving at 17:53, First
13 November: United 407, Denver – Seattle, departing at 19:10 arriving at 21:09, First

I booked the outbound Alaska Airlines flight for a total of 7.5k British Airways Avios and $5.60 USD. The return flight was booked using cash due to a cheap First Class fare on United Airlines, and I also had a United certificate, that was expiring, to use.

All in all, I had a fantastic time visiting the House of Miles and chatting about my blog and the future improvements with Randy and all of the staff. I’m very excited for the future of the blog as we have some fantastic ideas about how to improve several aspects, so stay tuned!